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This site documents the complete deconstruction and rebuilding of a 1993 Saturn SL1 to become a functional, streetlegal electric car. Virtually all work was completed by me, with a little extra muscle here and there from friends and family.


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Engine Removal Motor Installation Battery Box Wiring


Quick Specs:    
Vehicle:   1993 Saturn SL1
Motor:   8" Advanced DC, 203-06-4001A
Voltage:   96 volts
Batteries:   8 Trojan T-1275 12v Deep Cycle Lead Acid
Controller:   1221C-7401 Curtis Controller
Charger:   Elcon PFC-1500 1.5 kW (96 Volt 10 amp)
DC-DC Converter:   Elcon 80v-120v
Range:   20+ miles actual, 47 miles calculated with 0-degree incline
Conversion Time:   Two months from receiving the car to its first electric drive.
Cost:   Near $9k USD (includes everything: from purchase to state inspection)